Singer who’s been gigging your butt off, uploaded your music to Itunes, gone to industry events where you knew nobody, and prayed you’d be discovered. No luck yet.

Fine artist who’s been knocking on gallery doors, sinking every penny into booths at crafts festivals, given Etsy a shot. And it all feels sad and desperate.

Dancer or choreographer who works crazy hours putting on shows and hawking classes that no one shows up for. You’ve posted your best routines on youtube. When are you going to become that go-to, sought-after name who everyone wants to hire or learn from?

…Fashion designer, filmmaker, actor — you name it who’s been told time and again that it’s a tough business (code for “Don’t quit your day job, kid”). You laughed at that. Until you didn’t.





I’ll take you back…

I got signed in 2004, at the fairly tender age of 23. A recording contract and manager — the dream.

“This is it, everything I ever dreamed of has come true,” I thought. No more day job. No singing in sad, empty bars. With this big break, I’d get to skip the “starving artist” phase and go right to that row of platinum records on my wall.

I had no creative control. I’d write a song I loved, and my managers would say, “That’ll never sell.” I followed what they told me, thinking if I listened to them, I’d “blow up.”

I did not blow up. I got some radio airplay. Some press. That should have been exciting. But the music wasn’t mine. I didn’t even like it. It sucked my soul, and I walked away.

It was up to me to make myself known, to make a living from my music. Either that, or find a crappy 9-5. A “proper job,” as certain friends kept urging me to get.  A Plan B that would pay the rent and stick me with the label “Could’ve Been” for life.

I took control of my career as an artist. I discovered that I needed to treat it like a full-on business, and run it myself.

I went and got my Masters in the business of creative arts. I set up my own record label and released an EP, which the BBC named Single of the Week. I created industry connections associated with Beverly Knight and Prince, and teamed up with them on an album. And, I developed Emergeination, my own platform for creatives to sell their work.

Along the way, other artists have been asking me, “How did you do all this?” And, more importantly:

“Could I ever do what you did?”

(Without going through a Masters program, that is.)

The answer to that is YES. Because there’s never been a better time for you, as an artist, to become iconic on your own terms.

Maybe you’ve already tried to go it on your own — using youtube, itunes, instagram, everywhere you’ve heard you need to be — and it hasn’t worked.

Or you’ve been told you’re too old, you don’t have “it,” your industry is so competitive that you have a better chance of winning the lottery than making it as an artist.

Or maybe you’ve got that “I can’t” voice in your head any time you think about the business end of getting out there. All you want to do is create, and have someone else take care of making you famous.


Be Iconic is an online training program over six weeks that shows you how to transform your creativity into an actual career.

It takes you by the hand through every practical and psychological step you need to build a business that generates income from your talent and what you love to do.

You’ll learn how to…

arrow-be-iconicUnlock your inner icon, so self-doubt never drags you down again

arrow-be-iconicUse social media effectively to build a raving fan base and automatically sell your product — no more spinning your wheels

arrow-be-iconicGet momentum and results in just 90 days

arrow-be-iconicGet investors, managers, agents, labels, galleries, and other “career makers” so excited, they’re scrambling to back you

arrow-be-iconicPinpoint your unique angle that sets you apart from the sea of sameys

B E S T   O F   A L L ,   Y O U ‘ L L   G E T   A N
U N H E A R D – O F   A D V A N T A G E :

arrow-be-iconicA one-click system to put your art (music, film, fine art, clothes, online dance classes — whatever you create) online, and start selling literally that same day.

I have it all set up for you, with my signature platform, Emergeination — think Etsy, Ebay, Itunes and Facebook, all rolled into one. Your very own store awaits, and you can start using it (and seeing sales roll into your Paypal account) the moment you enroll in Be Iconic.

B E   I C O N I C   W O R K S. 

B U T   D O N ’ T   T A K E   I T   F R O M   M E.


“I’d been so frustrated with my music career, I didnt know where to look to get more work and to help get my music out there. I came across BE ICONIC, I felt hesitant about joining but I was done messing about with my music. I wanted to get results and honestly, I’m so glad I did this.   In just 6 weeks I’ve become more focused, I know where I want to take my music career and how to get there. I love the fact that all my frustration has just gone, I have complete control over my career. This course gave me to skills I needed to become the artist I had always longed to be.”

Professional Musician

“I’ve worked with hundreds of artists over the years and I know the frustrations and difficulties they have to face. What I love about this program is that it gives control back into the creator’s hands, instead of them waiting to be discovered. Be Iconic gives all creatives the tools and solutions to create the career they long for.

Marcellous Lindsay
Industry Endorsement

“I have just finished Uni where I was studying Art. I saw Susanna speak at one of my lectures, and it really inspired me to learn how to make my art my full time career. As soon as BE ICONIC was live I enrolled and I’m so glad I did. Learning how to sell my art online and even get a platform to do this on has helped me get started straight away. I love that I am now making money from my art. Thank you so much :)”

Fine artist

“This course was amazing. Before starting Be Iconic, I just felt like giving up. I had been working part-time jobs while I went to auditions and created my designs, but I wanted to do this full time. I have now learned how to turn my creative passions into a career that I love. I set up my store on Emergeination and am already selling my stuff online. What’s even more amazing, I’ve made amazing industry connections from working with Susanna & the Team.”

Dancer & Fashion designer

And here are words from artists like you, who’ve used the Emergeination platform (included for you when you enroll in Be Iconic)…

“I’ve been using Emergeination for the past year. I’ve had more opportunities to perform my music and have released my new single “Illuminate” on Emergeination. The platform is really easy to use and I’ve instantly started to earn money from doing what I love. With their help, I’ve had great exposure, been contacted by newspapers and radio stations to do interviews which is really exciting! Thanks emergeination”

Singer, Songwriter

”First Time learning about the developing a creative business, the getting to use Emergeination has took so much of the stress away from selling my work.”

Artist & Fashion Designer

Oliver Pengilley
Professional International Artist

Paul Reid
Beverley Knights Musical Director & Professional Musician

Tamsin Fitzgerald
Artistic Director of 2 Faced Dance Company

R E A D Y   T O   H E A R   M O R E   A B O U T   B E   I C O N I C ?


Instant access

Module 1 of the training program will be available to you instantly so you can get started right away. If you chose to attend the Live Q&A session with our industry pros (which I would highly recommend), you’ll be emailed the starting date.

The rest of the course will be released over six weeks, one module every Monday, but you’ll be able to keep it forever so you can go at your own pace, or revisit at any time.

Mobile friendly & downloadable

The program is completely downloadable; you can watch the videos on your tablet or just listen on your phone. The choice is yours.

Built-in accountability and community

You’re not alone in this. You can brainstorm, get support during your challenges, and celebrate your wins in the private Be Iconic Facebook group. There’s nothing like a community cheering you on to keep you on track.

T H E   W E E K – T O – W E E K   B L O W – B Y – B L O W


To kick-start everything, you need your master key. In Module 1 we will help you unlock your biggest dreams and give you a clear roadmap of where to go, showing you the steps you need to take to get there.
  • How to set specific, do-able goals and outcomes for you and your creative career
  • How to take action on your goals so that you’re “moving the needle” in your career every single day
  • How to design a 90-day plan that gets massive results
  • How to design creative products that fly off the virtual shelves
  • The three key habits you MUST adopt if you want a lasting career in your industry


In Module Two, I’ll show you how knowing your business can be the lifeline to your career and how, if done correctly, you can gain access to major investment and funding that could transform everything you do.
  • A proven formula for wooing big power players who can make your career. This’ll save you months or years of knocking on doors
  • My “fill in the blank” template for a creative career outline that brings in major funding — so you can focus on your art without having to worry about paying the bills
  • How to use your business plan as catnip to attract agents, record labels, managers, or producers.
  • A mental shift that turns you from desperate artist to commanding, impressive CEO — and will have industry A-listers in the palm of your hand


There’s nothing worse than creating an amazing product only to find yourself at the creaking door of an empty room where your amazing sales should be. Module 3 will teach you how to earn money from doing what you love, 24/7.
  • How to sell creative products online, mapping your hands-free, automated promotion system that makes you income 24/7.
  • How to “Gaga-fy” your brand: Create a core message that hits home with your ideal audience
  • How to design a “set it and forget it” freebie and opt-in page. (This is essential for growing your fan base)
  • Your Facebook targeting plan: pinpointing the exact groups of people who are born to be your fans
  • How to create irresistible Facebook ads that feel genuine, not salesy — and cost pennies per conversion
  • Inbox Magic: set up an email sequence that sells your creative products like crazy
  • Your first sales page: how to easily craft one that doesn’t feel sleazy or pushy (without this step, you’re leaving a fortune in itunes, etsy, or other sales on the table)
  • Next steps to turn buyers into raving fans who’ll spread the love — and clamor for anything you create


The BE ICONIC key card gives you instant access to tools that help you make crucial industry connections. Attracting the right audience plays a huge part in your creative success.
  • What does it mean to be iconic? Discover what you stand for — and learn to stand out from the crowd.
  • Your secret edge: Find out exactly how you’ll blow your competition out of the water.
  • How to get in front of the right industry contacts who’ll get you seen by the right people. (Hint: Chasing the wrong industry contacts is one big reason most artists never get anywhere)
  • The flop-proof launch plan: Create a 3-month campaign that works fans into a froth of anticipation. (This makes sure you NEVER experience the heartbreak of launching to crickets.)
  • Your lasting, magnetic brand: How to make sure your brand is consistent and recognizable in everything you do. Bexause mixed, “schizo” messaging is the kiss of death for your career.


Simply hiring your friends or unqualified people -- a trap many artists fall into -- will not just cost you money, but slow you down and hold you back. To rise quickly and stay at the top, you need a team of skilled, supportive people. But how do you pick the right ones?

This module will teach you:

  • How to understand your talents and creative flow, so you can identify the partners who fill in the gaps
  • How to hire indispensible helpers and experts who are shockingly affordable
  • How to be a master delegator, so you’re working from your strengths and doing the work that only you can do — while someone else takes the rest off your plate
  • Why your resistance to hiring is keeping you small (This one mindset leap will take your career to a completely different level)
  • A “who you need” checklist so your business grows, runs smoothly, and nothing falls through the cracks


We see it again and again. The people who make it big all have a certain swagger and confidence. You’ll never be iconic if you don’t believe in yourself. So how do you silence that niggling inner voice that says, ‘I’m just not good enough’? Time to silence it for good!

In this module you’ll learn:

  • How to see and smash through the limitations that are blocking your success (Includes bonuses: EFT, Law of attraction, meditations and visualisations.)
  • How to build a bullet-proof, professional mind set (Featuring industry professional Brett Mabbery, psychology coach and “secret weapon” of top athletes and artists)
  • The weird, simple thought exercise that makes you a superhero version of yourself — the world’s most famous creatives and performers use this trick
  • My personal arsenal of mindset tools that’ve gotten me through the lowest lows of my career and kept me on an upward track. Plus, real-life proof that this can all work for you, too.

B E   I C O N I C   B I G   B O N U S   1


You’re an artist. You want to make your art, not deal with setting up an online store and figuring out how to accept credit cards or paypal online. Right?

Problem solved.

The BE ICONIC program gives you access to your own online store on Emergeination, where you can start selling the day you sign up.

This normally costs artists just over $300 per year. But with Be Iconic, you get 12 months access, FREE.

W H A T   I S
E M E R G E I N A T I O N ?

It’s an online platform where you can promote and sell all your amazing creative products. In a nutshell, it’s like walking into a beautiful storefront with your sign on it, and all you have to do is stock the shelves.

It’s been test-driven by over a thousand musicians, fashion designers, dancers, and fine artists —  and it’s finally ready just for you.

On Emergeination, you can:

  • Upload any music or images you want to sell
  • Sell your paintings or fashion items films directly to the customer, just like on ebay or etsy
  • Connect with other creatives through our social media features
  • Promote your products instantly to all your social media platforms, with just a click of a button, for instant, integrated sales
  • Easily invite your audience to visit your store
  • Promote your online gigs or events and sell tickets right to your audience — cutting out “middle man” sites like Ticketmaster
  • Sell online courses, such as a six-week guide to singing, learn to paint, etc, turning your lifetime of knowledge into a coveted passive income stream.

All of this is yours for free with BE ICONIC.

B E   I C O N I C   B I G   B O N U S   2


This is where the magic happens, where you can connect, collaborate with and support each other. This is where you’ll meet your fellow rising stars and come up together. Over the six-week course I’ll pop in daily to advise and support you. But, most importantly, propping each other up and celebrating wins together will be one of the biggest keys to keep you moving forward.

B E   I C O N I C   V A L U E

Be Iconic hands you the exact steps I used to create a lucrative career that answers all my artistic dreams. And it’ll do that for you — except in a fraction of the time it took me.

What is that worth to you?

What is it worth to answer the wish,


Whatever price you’d attach to that (can you?), I guarantee it’s a zillion times more than the actual cost of this course.

B E   I C O N I C   I N V E S T M E N T

BE ICONIC starts at $297 or $64

We offer a payment plan so you don’t have to miss out. We also have a 30 day money back guarantee,

so if you feel it’s not a right fit all you have to do is email us to leave the program.



  • was $594


  • BE ICONIC: 6 week online training program

  • Bonus: emergeination store free for 12 months

  • Private Facebook Group

  • 6 Weeks of Live Q & A Calls with Susanna Westwood

  • Ticket to BE ICONIC Live Event  (For more information see below)

  • BE ICONIC T-Shirt

  • 4X1 Hour Artist Development 1-2-1: COACHING with Susanna Westwood (See below for more information)


I know how difficult it can be to work through new training on your own. This is why I’ve put together a weekly Q&A session. For six weeks I will host an online weekly one-hour call, where you can message in, chat to me and ask any questions that you have. I will even pull in some of my industry expert friends to help you along the way.

There is power in working together with a team of creatives. They hold you accountable and push you to do more, be more, dream big and take the action needed to succeed.


Want to go deeper? Join our team of industry experts LIVE at our BE ICONIC event. You will get to meet other creative professionals and hear from industry, business, marketing and psychology experts who have worked with elite iconic artists from across the globe.

These experts know what it takes to make it. They have performed on the world’s greatest stages with the likes of Prince, Beverley Knight and Westlife, produced outstanding shows for West End productions such as STOMP. They have worked with artists signed to Motown and Universal Records, traveled the world filming for Sky TV and the BBC, showcased their fashion at London and New York Fashion Weeks and sold their art all over the world.

Event Locations: Manchester (UK)

Dates: To Be Announced


Now everyone loves a free T-shirt, right? Once you have completed the course all we ask is that you send us an honest review of your progress and we will send you your very own BE ICONIC t-shirt, designed by one of our artists on emergeination. These are not available to buy anywhere online so just know that this is unique to you.


BE ICONIC 1-1: package you receive 4 X 1 hour Artists Development 1-2-1 coaching sessions with Susanna Westwood.

These sessions will help accelerate your career even faster. You will learn how to focus on what’s important and the actions you need to take your career to the next level.

So many people have coaches to help improve every area of their life. Hey, if it’s good enough for Usain Bolt and Serena Williams it’s good enough for you!

I S   B E   I C O N I C   R I G H T   F O R   Y O U ?


It’s for you if you are feeling stuck and frustrated with your career, you long to make it but have no clue what to do first.

It’s for you if you want to your art your full time career, to be a professional in your industry.

And it’s for you if you’ve ever said:

“If only I could get signed”

“Having an agent would mean I could do this full-time”

“I just can’t do all the business stuff, I need a manager to take care of all that.”

“I’ll die if I turn around in ten years and I’m still in this day job instead of doing what I was born to do.”

If you’re confused about where to start, frustrated because you feel stuck, don’t know what to do next or feel like giving up, BE ICONIC will help you move forward in your career.

S T I L L   U N S U R E ?   R E A D   T H I S :


This course is designed for creatives who care about what they do and want to impact the world in a positive way. These artists are willing to do what it takes with integrity and heart.

 “ I truly believe when artists know their craft inside out and understand their business, they will have an even greater impact on the world and achieve the career of their dreams.” Susanna Westwood