Unlocked is the first independent studio album by UK singer Susanna Westwood. With hints of soul, jazz & funk, the songwriter reveals she is a platinum artist. Susanna’s raw vocals on “In my eyes”, gives you a glimpse of the woman behind this album. Her expressive performances of “This I Know” & “When the lights go down”. The signature grooves of “Love is on Time” & “This Game Is On You”, reveal her natural artistry. “Maybe Maybe” & “I Need You” give flickers of Susanna's love of Neo soul & Motown classics. The stand out? “The Way You Look At Me”, a soulful duet featuring the breath taking vocals of Ricardo Williams. 


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Susanna Westwood is an international recording artist, creative director and an advocate for artist. She is the creator of the award-winning platform Emergeination, founder of Be Iconic and has been featured by the BBC and Sky Arts among others.   Fiercely independent. Susanna has carved a new way in, redefining what it means to be an independent artist in today's industry.   Working with some of the business' major labels, agents and managers, she has seen and experienced first-hand the pitfalls of the arts & entertainment industry.   Susanna's mission is to help artists take control of their own careers. Giving every artist the practical tools to redesign a career on their own terms. So that they can create art that inspires, art that connects, art that makes a difference in the world.  

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